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Core Personal Training Tallahassee

Core Personal Training





Core 7 Program


Core 7 Performance (C7P), a program of Fit&Functional, Inc., will not only get your core in shape, it will also assist in shaping your body, giving it a more toned and lean look. C7P is small group personal training based on core and functional movements. The premise is to get an individual to their highest level of fitness by giving them the ability to do what they want without having any undue stress or harm to the body.


Core training is the foundation of all fitness training because the core is the foundation of movement. It’s a key factor in building an exercise program for anyone. The more strength and endurance your core has the more capable you are in progressing to a higher level of performance. The C7P program has 7 levels of progressive training: Foundation, Poise, Fortitude, Might, Rapidity, Clout, and Performance. 


  • Group Personal Training (up to 4 people in the group)

  • Incorporates all Elements of Fitness

  • 50 minutes of Full Body Core Training

  • Post Workout Fueling for Fast Recovery and Muscle Development

  • 2 or 3 Sessions a Week

  • 7 Progress Levels of Training



Core Training Tallahassee

If you're truly fit you’re ready for anything!

Reaching this level states that you are ready for any challenge and you have no physical limits. 


One must have control to be efficient at high speeds.

The workouts will be fast paced, heart rate elevating, and dynamic.

Power is moving at your will, but not being moved!

This is a level of explosive exercises that will challenge your stability on all previous levels.

A strong frame will withstand applied forces.

Realizes your true strength and stability with a higher level of resistances training.

Endure to complete without defeat.

You will test your core endurance to further solidify your poise and foundation.

 A body is only as strong as the core it’s built on.

You’ll learn and master true fundamental core activation performing different types of floor work.

Balance is achieved when both mind and body connect.

This level will require nuero-muscular engagement for stability while working with balance fitness tools that will set you on the path of higher levels.

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balance and strength training
Fitness training tallahassee
Core strength Tallahassee

C7P Levels of Progression

Levels of progression

Core Nutrition

Functioning at your highest level starts with fueling your body with essential nutrients on a daily basis. Your performance is directly correlated to what you eat or don’t eat. The Core 7 program follows a basic  proven system to maximize your workout and achieve body changing results.


Core Nutrition combines 3 components: whole (natural) food consumption, Isagenix all natural nutritional supplements and sufficient water intake.

The core nutrition concept will help maximize your workout, your recovery, muscle development, decreased inches in the waistline, and fat loss. It will also maximize the efficiency of core engagement. Diets that are high in processed foods, gluten, and unhealthy fats affect sensory activation of your core muscle group. These types of foods lead to bloating, inflammation, and fat accumulation in the abdominal region.

Core strength training nutrition


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