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  • Jennifer Essick

Intro to IndoYoga

If you're ready to take your yoga to an entirely new level of strength and balance, you've got to try indo board yoga. There are many different styles of Indo boards and even different levels of use. The indo yoga board is long and not too wide just like a paddle board and mimics the movement of doing yoga on a paddle board in the water. You can make it more difficult by adding disks underneath for even more of a balance challenge.

These amazing balance boards push your strength and balance to the ultimate test and get you to really engage your core and stabilizer muscles. The Indo Board website states, "Balance training has gained popularity over the years because of the many benefits involved in having a strong stable body. In order to achieve stability one must learn to engage the core muscles that are responsible for the body’s balance and stability."

Trying the indo board can be frustrating at first because it will challenge you in lots of different ways that you probably haven't felt. Once you get used to it you will feel its immense benefits and be rewarded with a stronger core and overall much better balance.

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