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  • Jennifer Essick

How Do I Channel My Thoughts Properly During Class?

Somedays when I’m walking into yoga class I feel like my brain is running in circles thinking about; what I have to do next, what I need to get done for the day, how much homework I have, or someone that I need to talk to. This is quite frustrating because during yoga you want to be thinking about you and focused on yourself in the moment. Getting your brain to calm down can be tough sometimes, especially with so much going on in life outside of the studio. On the days where I’m struggling, I find it best to really focus on setting my intention for the class and repeating it to myself when I find my mind starting to wander. If you’ve taken yoga you’ve probably heard the instructor tell you to set an intention, and sometimes on those busy brain days it takes me a little longer to find the intention, but once I decide my intention I know that I can use it to keep me focused on the moment.

An intention for your class can be anything from “I want to improve my flexibility” to “I want to find patience through my movement” or even dedicating your practice to someone you love or care about. When you’re first starting out it may seem silly to keep repeating the same thing to yourself throughout class, but you’ll find that you stay focused and will find more improvement when you set a solid goal or intention for the class. Having intentions gives you purpose behind each movement and you will have a greater sense of accomplishment when you can truly channel your thoughts throughout class.

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