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  • Jennifer Essick

Our Favorite Instagram Yogis!

As yogis, we’re always inspired to try new poses and positions that will push our limits and test our boundaries. Yoga has been around for thousands of years, but it has never been easier to gain access to this amazing form of breathing and movement. A great way to find new poses or sequences is the amazing innovation of social media. Yoga is all over social media because of its beauty, and people are drawn to the interesting positions of control, balance, and flexibility. We wanted to take the time to share some of our favorite yoga Instagram’s and hopefully inspire you to follow and continue learning more from these hardworking and talented yogis!

-@SjanaElise (

Sjana’s bright and bubbly personality flows throughout her fun and colorful feed of gorgeous locations and even more gorgeous yoga poses. She embodies peace and happiness and her natural lifestyle inspires us to be more like her and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer. You should definitely check her out for some yogi inspiration although you may be a little jealous because she’s almost too perfect to look at! If you’re into fitness Instagram’s you may also recognize her as one of the program members of the SWEAT app by Kayla Itsines. When Kayla incorporated different styles of workouts into her circuit based program Sjana was the designer of the yoga course!

2. @Amandabisk (

Her bio says it all “Former Elite Pole Vaulter, Exercise Physiologist, Elite Athletics Coach, and Qualified Yoga Teacher. Amanda is the epitome of fitness and has done her share of work to make sure she is knowledgeable about what she does. Amanda is constantly updating her page with different yoga videos and photos as well as other different styles of exercises. No matter what she always keeps things fresh and has workouts and flows for different times of the day and areas of the body. Check out her page for awesome content and fresh and versatile inspiration.

3. @Aloyoga (

This yoga studio and clothing company is constantly updating its feed with awesome yoga content as well as their fabulous designs of the perfect yoga outfits. Alo Yoga shares many different yogi’s from all over the world on their page and is always sharing awesome and different poses in the most beautiful locations possible. They also share awesome shots from their own studio and always have the most top quality feed. Give them a follow for amazing updates!

4. @Bryceyogaschool (

This page is an awesome combination of beautiful and unique poses and instructional short videos with helpful tips for yogis. This page is awesome inspiration and always sharing amazing partner yoga photos, innovative poses, and helpful technique tips. Make sure to give them a follow for some interesting content!

5. @Acroyoga (

This account is always showing some of the coolest yoga poses involving partners. Poses tend to be a little more advanced, but never fail to impress and inspire! You’ll be ready to tag a partner to try some new poses with!

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